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A well-crafted pair of loafers is a versatile accessory, a cultural artifact and far from a walking-around shoe. Loafers are often written off as a pair that is too difficult to pull off or just ostentatiously dandy. However, Triggsire holds a different view. The skilful blend of flair and comfort and the timeless silhouette of the design of a loafer are undisputed by any other pair and this is the reason that millions of people still Buy Men Loafers Online.

It is not a surprise that Gucci decided to put his signature horsebit on a loafer which became the definition of luxury ever since. But this signature horsebit loafer isn’t the only reason that these slip-ons are worn by the most discerning men of the world. The laceless system and practicality of these pairs struck the designers. It captured their imagination and they saw it as a canvass on which they have to express their creativity. And thus began the evolution of loafer from a penny version to the quintessential luxurious pair of shoes.

Suave And Urbane

The nuanced and distinctive style of loafers perfectly fits the ways and demeanour of the elite section of society. Tassels, Belgian, Woven or Kiltie, any design can be as elegant as you wish it to be. Gentlemen with the finest sense of aesthetics and taste often go for Bespoke Shoes to get a pair befitting their distinctive taste. It gives them the freedom to choose their favourite fabric and design patterns.

Luxury’s Home

Triggsire inclined towards an avant-garde sense of design and style without outrightly ignoring the traditional methods of craftsmanship. Our online store is a torch-bearer of our movement to redefine luxury couture for men. Witness the excellence yourself by exploring our collection.


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