• by Ramesh Sewak
A random thought prevailing over decades is that loafers should be assigned to inferiority as casual looks as compared to other Shoe styles, but that’s undoubtedly false.

Banking on vamp’s shape, type of embellishment, delineation and stuff, penny loafer can be worn with most versatility.

One major aspect to be kept in intellect for all type of men’s shoes is that leather is always more elegant, classy & formal than suede.

In Early 1800s a Norwegian Nils Gregoriusson Tveranger traveled across the oceans to North America to explore shoemaking. There he encountered the moccasins worn by the Iroquois tribe, that’s what made an enduring impression in his mind. Three decades later, post being well established as a renowned shoemaker in Aurland, Norway, Tveranger masterpeiced an “Aurland moccasin.” The design was an amalgamation of a moccasin and the traditional slip-on shoes. Well crediting the popularity amongst travelers between United States and Europe, the style got its name as a “Norwegian moccasins” thus it began to be well exported.
Post Gathering the attention of Esquire magazine which published an image banner of Norwegian farmers wearing those shoes in a cattle loafing shed it further gained popularity and found a loyal following all across. Further being inspired by the above a renowned American shoemaker designed his own version, added a strip of leather with a cut-out pattern across the saddle introducing the “Weejun.”Legend at times would slip a couple of copper pennies into the slot as both a fashion statement, and a practicality. As in that time, a pay phone call cost two pennies and thus having them in reserve for emergencies was a smart move.

Rest is all the stated history. In present days if you prefer to carry that elegance with style wearing penny Loafers a Shoemaker's Company with a British Soul presents them preserving the initial spririt of Loafers is Triggsire.
Company's expertise is Penny & Tassel loafers with some finely handcrafted Wholecut brogues.

Over the time, the loafer seems becoming the most favored shoe selection for a major half of the population, including itself being called as “preppy” and thus being the most proffered amongst college students, punk rockers, statesmen, businessmen, actors, pop-culture icons and the everyday guy.

Now that you have all the intellect about the wonderful world of Penny loafers, go ahead and try out our classic Charlie, Thomas & Nathan penny Loafers By Triggsire.

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