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Leather Flaunts



Apart from being dedicated to men, Triggsire is unique in the way it offers products which are a personification of luxury and class. Without even stepping out, you can access the latest trends of shoes available in the market.

by Mike Maccombie

Absolutely amazing packaging. The fit was solid too. Amazing product, awesome buying experience & superb delivery. Can expect a lot more orders soon..

by Dhruv Ranka, Hyderabad. INDIA

Triggsire is the best brand to buy premium quality shoes.

by dwaynesmith

I recently bought the shoes from triggsire. They turn packaging from a purely functional consideration into a key part of the experience and the shoes are so comfortable.

by Andrew Garibotto

The best luxury shoes. What Triggsire provides in terms of designs, quality and service, you won't get anywhere else.

by Alex William

Hello there,

A result in countless hours of crafting in design has brought to life leather marvels like no other. We Conceptualise strictly & specifically for those royal modish across the globe,

So, own it to love it, just the way we do. Thanks.

A Passionate Craftman