Our Story

Deriving its name from an amalgamation of triggering desires "Triggsire" is a firm founded by a second-generation shoe entrepreneur British man and his Indian friend, both passionate & skilled in the art of creating handcrafted men’s formal classic footwear and accessories. Wellbeing taught to settle for nothing but the highest standards in creative bespoke shoemaking. Delivering unmatched masterpieces that give durable elegance a classic twist. Tradition and excellence goes hand-in-hand when it comes to British shoes. Such are the foundations on which Triggsire has been conceived.

At Triggsire we have a highly experienced team that shares work philosophy in an energy-driven mix of inspiring verve and classic practice. The foundations of the entire process are to be found in the indisputable nobility of the materials themselves. The core team travels tirelessly to their points of origin, carefully & methodol selecting the leather used to create Triggsire’s products. Thus getting them manufactured from the very best craftiness all across the globe, United Kingdom, Italy, China, and India to name a few.

Being determined to rank among the best in business brands capable of offering the perfect masterpieces in men's formal footwear and accessories in the international sector. En route to achieving this, our team takes as long as necessary over every product with our name on it, creating products that are both instantly discernible and unique. Triggsire production is purely based on the ideology of creating absolute pinnacles of craftsmanship, production targets doesn't effect our quality parameters & our passion for delivering absolute masterpieces when it comes to Bespoke Shoe Making.