Care For Your Triggsire


While there are many products in the market for shoe care and the task of understanding and buying the right product can be a bit daunting, we will try to keep it simple here. Everything you will need is present in our Triggsire Shoe Care Kit. If however, you feel like you want more of a professional finish you can send your Triggsire Shoes to us for a Shoe Salon Service.

These are the steps by step instruction on how to revitalize and take care of your shoes.  


1. If your shoe has laces, remove the lace. Now remove the in-socks and insert your Triggsire’s Willy Shoe Shape-keeper (shoe tree).

2. Remove any dust or dirt with a soft horse hair shoe brush by running it through the upper in a to-and-fro motion until it appears free of any foreign particles.

3. Using our much effective Triggy Shoe Conditioner, apply 3-4 pea sized drops of shoe conditioner cream evenly across the shoe and massage it gently into the leather is small circular motions. Do this till the whole shoe is fully and evenly moisturized and conditioned, now let it set for 15-20 minutes till it dries. If the leather is very dry, repeat this step so the leather starts to look nourished and healthy.

4. Now use a clean part of the cloth, take very little wax and rub it on to the leather evenly throughout. This will close the pores and help to keep the moisture inside the leather and also give a nice shine due to the properties of wax.

5. Once the shoe is evenly waxed, sprinkle 3-4 drops of water on the shoes and using a shoe brush give broad strokes across the shoe and it will start to show a nice beautiful shine.


1. An often ignored part but one that is very important since it comes in direct contact with your feet even if only through socks are the insides of your shoes. A lot of salts get deposited and it is important to air the shoe. If the shoe has a removable inlock's layer or a foot bed, we recommend removing the layer and propping up your shoes against a soft wall so the air can pass from the inside to the outsole easily. This should definitely be done every time the soles come in contact with excessive amount of water such as during rains or walking in a wet area.

2. Using a hard brush, first remove any dirt, grime or foreign objects from the sole edge and bottom.

3. Use an old toothbrush to get to the difficult areas between the upper and the sole.

4. And finally, do use Triggsire’s Willy Shoe Shape-keeper (shoe tree) every time to maintain the shape of the shoe. Also while it is okay to wear your leather shoes daily, but it’s highly recommended to let the shoe breathe a day and work a day. Our solution to this is to own a brown and black pair at-least if you want to wear leather shoes every day. We know we do!

5. Always store your shoes in a proper shoe bag and thus well further storing them in your Triggsire’s Scott Shoe StoreBox.


Your shoes deserve a regular dose of upkeep and sprucing. Take time to pamper and rejuvenate them using the Triggsire Shoe care Kit, with all the essentials required for your shoes to feel brand new again.


We at Triggsire will be happy to take care of your shoes for you. If you feel your shoes have lost their sheen, you can send them to us to get a new lease of life. We provide a full clean up, polish and shine service and ship them back to you. Write to us at to book your salon service.